Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Been Awhile

I don't have a camera. Yes, it's on the wish list. Pictures of Holmes Co. this time of year aren't so lovely anyways. It's all dead
and brown
and no snow
lots of mud
no flowers
no green
but that's ok for now.

Monday was an adventurous day with home visits and a "special needs" trained pediatrician.

You never know when inspiration will hit, but it does. I was in this amazing little Chinese Bistro and fell in love with the decorations. This is one such inspiration:
(apologies for the blurry phone picture)

On to other subjects:
-We need fundraising ideas! Not that the board has agreed to any fundraising yet, but maybe if we hit them with a MEGA-list of ideas they will crack. Any input would be greatly appreciated! 

-Embroidery is my new best friend; look what I get to work with
(another fun, blurry phone pic.. this is awesome!)

-I am seriously considering making a burlap "inspiration" board for the office. We desperately need some inspiration

-Vintage weddings with lots of flowers are fun. Pictures (maybe I will have a camera by then) to come after June 2.

-The office walls need paint. (I'm thinking 'dolphin' and 'lily pad' is supposed to be soothing)

-Current author and inspiration favorite: Dr. Paul Brand

-Photographer whose camera and brain I would like to have.

-What I should be studying

-Sometimes I wonder if I could hitch a horse by myself. Maybe, if the bridle was already put on.

-I should get back to work. My jello is almost gone and it was good.

-Glad to be back.

-"Hello and Goodbye" for now...


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