Monday, March 21, 2011

Pride & Politics

The doctors came
The doctors left...
Family came
Family Left...
My brain HAS NOT come
My brain HAS left...
The rest of my boxes DID come
and HAVE NOT left!
My world is complete
I have learned that the state of my house is not necessarily a true reflection of my state of being (or maybe it is more so than I'd like to admit)
So, I shall let the pride go and say yes, it IS possible to have a VERY cluttered house with just one person living in it!
Hence the evidence...

...well my house looked like this...

and all I felt like doing was this...

but I got another package so the house and sleep was forgotten

and spring IS coming (so they tell me... I still don't believe it as the high today is 25)
Despite (in spite of) all those challenges a a still-cluttered house, I went to Grandpa & Grandma's to hang out with a crowd that was more on my level:)



Sunday afternoon discussions and naps

and puzzles. Puzzles have NEVER been SO exciting! (and decompressing)
So here's to another week of peace-keeping, talking, paperwork, drawing blood and running all over the countryside delivering records and tubes.
Please pray that the WHGIC board and local bishops of the Amish community approve the Heart Program we are trying to start. It's a very scary thing to have heart disease, and what we are trying to do is offer free testing and evaluation for those families. But, it's going to take a LOT of cooperation, time and patience, all of which are not so forthcoming from people whose families are not affected with Heart Disease. I never thought this job description included "politics" but it now does, which I am NO good at. So, another leap of faith, a lot of prayers and coffee, and maybe, just maybe, we can save a life and a whole lot of heart-ache here or there...
Happy Blessed Weekend!

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