Monday, March 21, 2011

Pride & Politics

The doctors came
The doctors left...
Family came
Family Left...
My brain HAS NOT come
My brain HAS left...
The rest of my boxes DID come
and HAVE NOT left!
My world is complete
I have learned that the state of my house is not necessarily a true reflection of my state of being (or maybe it is more so than I'd like to admit)
So, I shall let the pride go and say yes, it IS possible to have a VERY cluttered house with just one person living in it!
Hence the evidence...

...well my house looked like this...

and all I felt like doing was this...

but I got another package so the house and sleep was forgotten

and spring IS coming (so they tell me... I still don't believe it as the high today is 25)
Despite (in spite of) all those challenges a a still-cluttered house, I went to Grandpa & Grandma's to hang out with a crowd that was more on my level:)



Sunday afternoon discussions and naps

and puzzles. Puzzles have NEVER been SO exciting! (and decompressing)
So here's to another week of peace-keeping, talking, paperwork, drawing blood and running all over the countryside delivering records and tubes.
Please pray that the WHGIC board and local bishops of the Amish community approve the Heart Program we are trying to start. It's a very scary thing to have heart disease, and what we are trying to do is offer free testing and evaluation for those families. But, it's going to take a LOT of cooperation, time and patience, all of which are not so forthcoming from people whose families are not affected with Heart Disease. I never thought this job description included "politics" but it now does, which I am NO good at. So, another leap of faith, a lot of prayers and coffee, and maybe, just maybe, we can save a life and a whole lot of heart-ache here or there...
Happy Blessed Weekend!

Friday, March 11, 2011


So, it snowed last night...
I am quite certain the neighbors thought I was a complete nut-case
running around the street taking pictures of something they are completely sick of...
...but I thought it was beautiful...

very beautiful!

But I will concede that it was quite a bit of snow.

in other notes... I actually cooked the other night without a recipe as all my cookbooks are packed in boxes and still en route at the moment.

And all is ready for the doctors to come.
Happy Weekend

Saturday, March 5, 2011


keys to a car AND a house

Left side of the house from SR 241

Right side of the house from SR 241

Left side of the house from TR 207

Right side of the house from TR 207

Looking back from the stop sign at SR 241 and TR 207

Standing in the kitchen archway looking into the dining room and living room (where the fan is)beyond.

Opening from Kitchen to Dining Room (you can see a "smidge" of the front door on the right hand side

View of the kitchen as you walk in from the garage
(Dad, I almost wrote "looking at the kitchen coming in from the garage" and head your voice in my head saying..."hmmm, kitchens come through garages??? haha!")

View of the Kitchen from the Dining Room

Dining Room again complete with table and chairs!:)

Deep window seat at the base of the stairs and east end of the Dining Room

Downstairs Bathroom (tan & pink)
Couch in Living Room

Rocking Chair in Living Room....
and that's it on seats folks! So if you come and visit anytime in the next month or so...
bring your own chair:)
Guest Bedroom (Blue and Brown)

My Bedroom (who know what color it will be??:)

Even got (most of) my clothes unpacked.
Waiting on a friend's dresser to come available sometime next week:)
Love friends!!!
Upstairs Bathroom colors

And yes mom, I even have extra linens for company...
I am blessed
To all those who have loved, cared for and supported me...
"Thank-you" doesn't seem enough. But "thank-you" it is. And God bless you!
Come and visit if and when you can

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


...albeit sans pictures as I still have not gotten batteries or a cord for my camera. However, I shall "bite the bullet" (figuratively speaking) and make the long trek to Wooster for such necessities before Saturday as that is when things really start happenning.
I am back in Holmes County, Ohio
For a whole YEAR!
This time with pay:)
So far the plans are to be a "consultant" or "fieldworker" for the same doctors that I was working under last summer. For more information on previous research and ongoing projects see I have little to nothing to do with that website. However, what I have a lot to do with is some of the same duties as last summer, but a few more as well since this time my stay is a bit more permanent. So far, the docs want to focus on heart disease here in Holmes Co. specifically dilated and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. We will be trying to set up a "Heart Program" that connects affected families with local cardiologists as well as cardiologists in Cleveland. Cleveland OH is known for it's heart care programs, and some of the best cardiologists in the world work out of Cleveland Clinic and other heart programs located in the area. That said, I'd say we're in a pretty good position to connect families with doctors.
There are always other ongoing studies, and as of now, we are open to researching any new condition that may crop up. Also, we are always looking for more families with conditions that have been previously studied as more data gathered means more legitimate research and accurate outcomes.
So that is my "work" life...
Now for my "personal" life...
I have a house rented in Benton, and am currently looking for a washing machine. Thanks to my scads of loving family and friends, multiple pieces of furniture shall be arriving this saturday and I am currently driving around with my car filled to the ceiling with supplies for living on one's own (now to finish "thank-you" cards:).
Yes, it's scary
No, I don't know what I'm doing
and that's what is important!
p.s. address to come soon as the house (I believe) has a mailbox so (hopefully) no P.O. Box this time...
p.p.s. my home is ALWAYS open to family, friends, stray chickens, small children, perfect strangers that are "friends of so-and-so", etc... and I LOVE having company. So come visit anytime. Holmes Co. is beautiful and rich with people and history!!!