Saturday, March 5, 2011


keys to a car AND a house

Left side of the house from SR 241

Right side of the house from SR 241

Left side of the house from TR 207

Right side of the house from TR 207

Looking back from the stop sign at SR 241 and TR 207

Standing in the kitchen archway looking into the dining room and living room (where the fan is)beyond.

Opening from Kitchen to Dining Room (you can see a "smidge" of the front door on the right hand side

View of the kitchen as you walk in from the garage
(Dad, I almost wrote "looking at the kitchen coming in from the garage" and head your voice in my head saying..."hmmm, kitchens come through garages??? haha!")

View of the Kitchen from the Dining Room

Dining Room again complete with table and chairs!:)

Deep window seat at the base of the stairs and east end of the Dining Room

Downstairs Bathroom (tan & pink)
Couch in Living Room

Rocking Chair in Living Room....
and that's it on seats folks! So if you come and visit anytime in the next month or so...
bring your own chair:)
Guest Bedroom (Blue and Brown)

My Bedroom (who know what color it will be??:)

Even got (most of) my clothes unpacked.
Waiting on a friend's dresser to come available sometime next week:)
Love friends!!!
Upstairs Bathroom colors

And yes mom, I even have extra linens for company...
I am blessed
To all those who have loved, cared for and supported me...
"Thank-you" doesn't seem enough. But "thank-you" it is. And God bless you!
Come and visit if and when you can

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